Be Bold For Change for International Women’s Day 2017

8th of March is celebrated all over the world as an International Women’s Day. It’s a day when we celebrate women, their social, economic, cultural and political achievements and also it’s a great opportunity to talk about gender equality. International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900’s and still is very popular in many countries. It’s a perfect time to bring attention to every woman in your life and outside your inner circle to observe and honor their qualities, accomplishments, sacrifices, successes and challenges. This year I decided to join in celebration by taking part in Be Bold For Change campaign (#BeBoldForChange) run by International Women’s Day website.

#BeBoldForChange campaign

The idea behind the campaign is simple- celebrate by being bold in taking action, in their words- “For International Women’s Day 2017, we’re asking you to #BeBoldForChange. Call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world- a more inclusive, gender equal world”.

Choose any of the below actions and spread the word!

How can you join #BeBoldForChange campaign

  1. Click on International Women’s Day website to find more info and learn about possible ways on supporting the campaign, register and support 🙂
  2. Run your own #BeBoldForChange campaign and help accelerate gender parity. You can use the resources from International Women’s Day website
  3. Commit to bold action by using “Will you #BeBoldForChange?” widget on my website
  4. If you have your own website- embed the #BeBoldForChange widget to call others to take action


Celebrate and spread the word! Every single person counts! Be bold for change and see the effect 🙂

What bold action of the #BeBoldForChange campaign are you going to commit to?

Share your thought and ideas in comments below 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Be Bold For Change for International Women’s Day 2017

  1. What an amazing idea! You see, I was bold last year since I was on chemotherapy and I think that it would be very helpful for many women who struggle with cancer to understand that they are not alone and that there are many women that give their own battle with difficult diseases but they win! Thanks for this useful post! I really appreciate it!
    Best wishes,

  2. I will be bold and campaign against violence! #BeBoldForChange What an inspirational campaign, and an important day. Women rock! Thank you so much for sharing this — I’ll be sure to pass it along.

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