Yoga Download- online yoga classes review

Yoga is an amazing whole body and mind exercise. You know how many benefits you would get from training yoga but cannot find time to commit to gym timetable classes? What if you could do yoga on demand? In your free time, at home or in any place you want with a great teachers guidance. It is possible!

You need to try Yoga Download!!!

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Yoga Download also offers online yoga teachers training- have a look at my Yoga Download- online yoga teaching certification review

PRODUCT NAME: Yoga Download

Download Yoga Classes Online

PRICE: starts from $10 a month

WHO IS IT FOR? Beginners to advanced/intermediate in Yoga


  • instant access to 900+ classes
  • unlimited streaming of classes
  • Free download to keep
  • all yoga styles
  • choose your instructor, intensity and lesson duration



  • no live teacher to correct your asanas when you do yoga following the videos but the instructions are very clear so you will be fine without it 🙂

FINAL OPINION: highly recommended!

WHERE TO BUY:  click on the link below – Stream at home, and Download when you’re on the go!

YogaDownload is a top resource for online yoga, meditation, pilates and fitness classes as well as music.

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How Yoga Download work

  1. Browse for classes

You can browse by classes, yoga style, instructor and then use filter by length, level and other options to suit you.

2.  Download or stream

You will need to purchase a subscription membership to stream classes or order a one-time download. You can choose from 1, 3, 6- month or yearly subscription option. Each membership also offers you some free downloads.

3.  Take Yoga Anywhere

Enjoy your class anywhere! You can take your yoga practice wherever you wish. You can play it from your computer, mobile, TV, XBox, PS3, Wii.

Yoga Downloads Programs and Packages

You can choose the perfect package or program that suits your individual needs. Programs include classes designed to be done in a specific order while packages are a related group of classes that can be done in any order.

Lots of different styles and sequences to choose from, including prenatal and postnatal classes, as well as kids classes. You will definitely have no trouble to find something suitable for you. Click on the link below to explore the styles featured on Yoga Download. Also find the description of the different styles.

Find the Perfect Style of Yoga for You
Yoga Styles Defined at

Each package/program contains a series of downloadable classes designed for a specific purpose. Each series of classes has been carefully selected and masterfully curated by expert instructors to help you achieve your yoga goals.

FREE Printable Yoga Pose Guide

If you are a beginner this free printable Yoga Pose Guide will be very useful.

Yoga Class Levels Defined at

To find the most suitable yoga class level and yoga class intensity please use the above guide

Try it today

Give it a go! Start your yoga and take it anyway you want 🙂

Get if for yourself of someone you care about- gift certificates available from the website or by pressing the link below Gift Certificates

Here you find a sample video: Name: Simple Power Vinyasa Flow with Dana Damara



6 thoughts on “Yoga Download- online yoga classes review

  1. Thank you for such an informative post on yoga guides.
    I have been doing yoga for a while and am glad that I have found this. I would definitely like to try this out.

  2. That’s a great idea for doing yoga anywhere. I had a look at the website and even though I’ve done quite a few different styles, there were several more there that I hadn’t heard of. I’ve done a quite a lot of yoga, but I still find it hard to get motivated to do yoga sessions at home, so going along to a class is the best way to get motivated. Subscribing to this plan would probably give more incentive to practice regularly also, plus it’s nice to have all the fine tuning for the poses explained in detail. Certainly something to think about.

    1. The best way to do yoga would be obviously in a yoga studio but sometimes it is not only about the motivation to go there but about the timetables which suit you. Having an option to do it at home (or anywhere else you really want as you can take it anywhere on your tablet, phone etc.) gives you more freedom about the time you want to practice.

  3. Elektra,
    Thanks for this valuable resource. I have had a terrible time with my lower back of late. I have been working out 5 days a week now for the last 1 1/2 years and I think some of the exercises I was doing may have been not so great for my back.

    This chance to engage in Yoga really looks like something I could benefit from.

    I apprecite the Yoga Download Gift Certificate as well, I may check into this.
    Thanks again for your Yoga Download- online yoga classes review, all my best,


    1. Thanks CannaGary! I’m glad you liked the review. I really recommend you to try YogaDownloads. It definitely will be good for your back as well as you will gain other health benefits. Let me know how you go.

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