Philosophers Notes and Optimal Living 101 by Brian Johnson

More wisdom in less time.

I love reading. I love learning new things. I love seeing great changes in my life by applying lessons I learned. This doesn’t just come easy sometimes. It requires work on yourself. But when you start noticing small changes, which make you a better person, you know it works. I learnt a lot by reading books. I think any book can really trigger a life changing point but I reckon especially the personal development/ personal growth genre can give you an insight and some more practical tips for changes required in your life, your way of thinking and your mindset.

There are so many books out there and not enough time to read them all. So how can you choose which ones to read? Well, you could start with finding recommendation from friends, relatives or websites like mine 🙂

OPTIMIZE-share-imageIn my search of best personal books to read I came across Brian Johnson’s program called Optimize with Brian Johnson which include Philosophers Notes and Optimal Living 101 programs. I was wowed! I found this great gem about a year ago and got hooked straight away. The author and entrepreneur, Brian Johnson, describes himself as a philosopher who” loves helping people optimize their lives as he studies, embodies and teaches the fundamentals of optimal living—integrating ancient wisdom + modern science + common sense + virtue + mastery + fun”.

Philosophers Notes


Brian calls his PhilosophersNotes “The ultimate personal growth tool. Giving you more wisdom in less time”. And it really is! He is distilling the Big Ideas from his favorite personal growth classics into fun, inspiring and super practical 6-page PDFs notes including quotes, 20-minute MP3 reviews and 10-minute PNTV episodes. There is huge selection of books ranging from old classics to modern, recently released publications. You can search for book based on the title, author or keyword. There are over 350 books reviews available at the moment and the collection grows bigger every month. It means +350 PDFs reviews and +350 MP3s to listen to!

If you want to try it for yourself than click here to get 3 FREE Philosophers Notes

Optimal Living 101


As Brian Johnson describes, his program is “designed to help you OPTIMIZE every aspect of your life so you can actualize your potential–giving your greatest gifts in greatest service to the world so we can change the world together.” This program consists of masterclasses on different subject (personal growth related). Each masterclass comes with a downloadable workbook, poster, MP3, meditation and affirmations.

If you would like to see samples of masterclasses click here

What will you get?

For a small charge of $10 a month you will get subscription to the program which gets you an instant access to:

  • all Philosophers Notes (+350 books reviews in a form of downloadable 6-page PDF note, 20 min MP3 recording, and 10 min  PN TV videos)
  • all Optimal Living 101 Master Classes (each including downloadable workbook, poster, MP3, meditation, affirmations)
  • all Optimal Living Micro Classes (+200 micro classes)
  • plus each month: +10 new Philosophers Notes, +2 new Optimal Living 101 Master Classes, new Optimal Living Micro Classes
  • you can cancel your subscription any time

If you want to find extra information about the sign up please follow the link here

My summary

I would like to tell you that this program is amazing! I use Philosophers Notes as inspiration for my next reads. I love to listen to the notes and decide if I want to read the whole book or the review is enough for me. I really like Brian’s style of reviews- extraction of the big ideas of each book in combination with important quotes. He also compares the book he reviews and its main ideas to similar books in the collection.  The Optimal Living 101 Master Classes are great! I can definitely say that i can see the results of this program in my life.

Do you want to try it for yourself? I’m sure you are not going to be disappointed 🙂 It is only $10 a month and you can cancel any time so you have nothing to lose!

To sign up please follow the link here 🙂


I hope you liked my review. Thanks for visiting my website!