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I was thinking recently about starting a book club which will discuss books from personal development, self-help and meditation categories.
Would you be interested in joining a discussions?

Do you have your top favorite personal growth book you want to share your thought on?

Or maybe do you have a favorite topic which can be covered by discussing few books?


Motivation, mind control, law of attraction, money, leadership skills?


Please leave me a comment 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Self Development Book Club

  1. My next read will be “The one thing : the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results ” by Gary Keller. Have you read it? It is about how our mindset is a huge factor in the results we reap during our life.

  2. Hi Elektra ….. I am just about to reading, Think and Grow to Rich by Napoleon Hill…… it was recommends by Bob Protor on one of his seminars. Have you read this book, if so what was your thoughts?
    Sending love Nicola

    1. Oh yes, I do know “Think and Grow Rich” and I really love it! I highly recommend you to read this one. You can find my review here I mentioned this book few times through my posts too.
      🙂 Same as you, I also got inspired to this book by Bob Proctor 🙂

  3. Hi Elektra,

    I am reading The Law of Success from the 1925 Manuscript Lessons, by Napoleon Hill. I am also listening to the Bob Proctor seminars of The Science of Getting Rich, “The Secret” version of Wallace Wattle’s book. I am happy to find other people who are studying the same kind of self development materials as me:)

    1. Hi Gerda, thanks for your comment 🙂
      If you like Napoleon Hill then I recommend you to get audiobook from Audible called The Science of Personal Achievement: The 17 Universal Principles of Success.
      (Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks)
      It is just amazing, and features real lectures by Napoleon Hill delivered by him in person. You can also get the book or audioCD by the same title.
      Bob Proctor is a great source of recommended books, I love also his courses.
      Stay in touch and let me know what did you think about the books and the seminars.

  4. I’m a huge fan of personal and professional development reading and research. As a business and training consultant, I’ve seen countless situations in which Culture, Leadership, Environment, Market & Organization determine whether a company is successful and profitable, as well as whether it becomes a place that others want to work.

    I’ve written a unique storybook (The Architects of Excellence) to that end recently and would love to get your thoughts and rating on it if you have time to read it!

    You can find it at -

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