Everything happens for a reason! Relax and learn your lesson!

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images (3)Everything happens for a reason! I truly believe in this phrase. I know, I know…- some of you will say it is easier to say than to really believe and live by that, but I really do. Things happen in our lives; things that we not always agree with or don’t understand the true meaning at the time. It is hard to get our head around it, we search for “why” but sometimes one door needs to close so the other opens for us. I went through it few times… I know what I’m talking about. You feel like the world it ending and everything is against you, but in the reality you came to the end of the path and are at the crosswords where the new path starts. Sometimes we are too comfortable in the present situation, even when it is not ideal for us, and don’t want changes as they are disturbing our comfortable stagnation. How many times you complained about something but didn’t really do anything about it?!

Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”
— Albert Schweitzer

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