Today I remember and honour Louise Hay who passed away yesterday at age 90. Bestselling author, speaker, inspirational teacher, founder of Hay House Publishers, Louise was also known for her healing techniques, affirmations and positive thinking. She was a great promoter of connection between the mind and body and its impact on our health and wellness. Despite her very difficult beginnings (poverty, physical and sexual abuse) and challenges in life, she showed extreme strength and resilience and became amazing advocate for positive thinking and life affirmations! Incredible!

Her book “You can heal your life” was a book which helped me in difficult time of my life bringing hope, positivity and teaching me how to find joy, happiness and purpose again! The affirmations I found there were, and still are, close to my heart.

Top quotes by Louise Hay

To remember Louise I wanted to share with you my favourite quotes by her. I hope you enjoy!

“I have never understood the importance of having children memorize battle dates. It seems like such a waste of mental energy. Instead, we could teach them important subjects such as How the Mind Works, How to Handle Finances, How to Invest Money for Financial Security, How to be a Parent, How to Create Good Relationships, and How to Create and Maintain Self-Esteem and Self-Worth. Can you imagine what a whole generation of adults would be like if they had been taught these subjects in school along with their regular curriculum?”
“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds…Claim and consciously use your power.”

“You are the only person who thinks in your mind! You are the power and authority in your world.”

“I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.”

“Think thoughts that make you happy. Do things that make you feel good. Be with people who make you feel good. Eat things that make your body feel good. Go at a pace that makes you feel good.”

“Your thoughts and beliefs of the past have created this moment, and all the moments up to this moment. What you are now choosing to believe and think and say will create the next moment and the next day and the next month and the next year.”

“Each day is a new opportunity. I chose to make this day a great one.”

“Well, I believe you created those experiences over and over because they mirrored something you believed about yourself. It doesn’t really matter how long we have had a problem, or how big it is, or how life-threatening it is. The Point of Power Is Always in the Present Moment”

“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

“No matter where we live on the planet or how difficult our situation seems to be, we have the ability to overcome and transcend our circumstances.”

“When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.”

“Would you really dig into yesterday’s garbage to make tonight’s meal? Do you dig into old mental garbage to create tomorrow’s experiences? If a thought or belief does not serve you, let it go! There is no written law that says that because you once believed something, you have to continue to believe it forever.”

“We forget that we create the situations, then we give our power away by blaming the other person for our frustration. No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for “we” are the only thinkers in our mind. We create our experiences, our reality, and everyone in it. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our mind, we will find it in our lives.”


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4 thoughts on “Remembering Louise Hay

  1. We are going to miss her a lot, her works have inspired me. Her self-talk method is something that has been very useful to me; her life itself is an inspiration to all of us who value our lives.

    We will miss her but we won’t let her light fade, she will shine through us all who have been inspired by her!

    “I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing”…she is still speaking to me through your blog.
    Thank you so much for this post.

  2. I never knew Louise Hay honestly but from reading this post I was enlightened on the subject. I can tell she had a great understanding of life and a true passion for helping others. This I believe, is what makes us all human and is the true measure of character.

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