The Illustrated Five Tibetan Rites- Carolinda Witt

The Illustrated Five Tibetan Rites: Anti-Aging Secrets for Vitality, Strength, Well-Being and Health by Carolinda Witt

If you didn’t hear about T5T or The Five Tibetan Rites please read my review of the program here. Basically, it is system of 5 rites, yoga-like exercises that claim to slow aging, boost energy, calm and focus your mind and improve general health and well being. It takes about 10 min a day to practice it and it delivers lots of benefits.

Carolinda Witt, the author of this book, introduced the T5T based on ancient Tibetan Rites. She has been teaching it since 2000 through her books, DVDs and workshops. This book is her latest one (published in 2016) and it is a great gem! Carolinda’s approach shows step-by-step learning process which combines the traditional Rites with full, natural breathing and core stability to strengthen your body.

The book, as the title says, is illustrated with many pictures showing clearly the movements and steps to the techniques. It definitely helps to describe details and makes is more appealing as training guide. The book has 4 parts. First one talks about the necessary background and knowledge to understand the full potential of T5T. Part two focuses on all the info you need to know before you start practicing Five Tibetan Rites. Third part talks in details about Rites, using step-by-step instructions, photographs and easy beginner to advance user progression. Part 4 talks about breathing techniques for relaxation and meditation.

“The Illustrated Five Tibetan Rites” is definitely a great in-depth guide to T5T. Highly recommended if you seek a good exercise routine which will take only 10 minutes a day and delivers great results!

You can buy this book from T5T website or from Amazon for a price of  $11.80, Kindle edition-$8.80.


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