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DSC_0439My name is Elektra and I live in beautiful Sydney in Australia.

Since I remember I was always fascinated by the mind. What is this mysterious thing which controls our life?

Is there something we can do to improve and change ourselves?  Looking at all successful, charismatic people I asked myself a question why they can do more than others. Are they stronger, try harder, are more persistent …or are they just lucky? What is the secret? Can anybody train themselves to be happy, successful and enjoy their life no matter what?

I started reading books, listening to personal development coaches and digging deeper, trying to find the answers. And then I noticed the pattern.
All is there! Everything is available for you if only you wanted it! Your mindset, your perception of the world around, makes you the person you are. And also you are the only person who can change your life. By learning about and understanding yourself more and more every day you have a better chance to make the right choices, improve and empower yourself.

Personal development is a process, not just 5 min fix. It takes some time and effort to recognize unconscious self-limiting beliefs and take a full responsibility for your life. But when you are there… the sky is a limit!

The ultimate goal is to understand yourself, let yourself to choose your path in life and not to let the life just happen to you. Living consciously at your full potential, making the best decisions for yourself and reaching real happiness in your life- that’s what matters!

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This is my motivation for this website

I would like to share with you some books and programs which changed my life, opened my eyes for new things, made me want more from my life and challenged me to do things which earlier seemed impossible!

I hope you enjoy it and start your own personal journey in self-development!

Don’t be afraid to give yourself everything you ever wanted in life and more. Every time you go further and challenge your fears you become stronger and you open a new door for yourself. New challenge brings new opportunity!

Today is a perfect day for the new beginning and a better you

Let the journey begin 🙂



Since I started writing this website I went a step further and committed to becoming a Life Coach.  As a Life Coach, I hope I can help people to design their life the way they want by helping them set great goals, raise their standards to the person they want to be by developing a growth mindset and achieve their full potential by empowering, motivating and supporting them in their personal development journey.

I started my study in 2016 and continue my education in this area. I’ll make sure to share with you more in-depth info about personal development, mindset, goal setting, introducing change in your life and much more. I hope you enjoy 🙂



Any question? Leave me a comment below 🙂

Cheers, and thanks for checking out this page 🙂


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Elektra, your website and the huge amount of information in it are inspirational. Like you, I agree, your mind and the way you think and analyse and process information are the key to the path you want to take. I believe so long as you train your mind that your way of thinking is not the only right way of thinking, that you will become more in control of events, good or bad, that life throws at you, and you will be able to cope with the unexpected more easily and less dramatically. Thanks once again for your input through your pages and blogs. Much love.

  2. Hi Elektra, your site is a wonderful for place for someone on the path to self improvement. Great idea! You are helping so many people with this wealth of information. The ability to download and stream yoga videos has impressed me. It is easy to get bored with the same routine, therefore, having the option to try new workout is fabulous.

    1. Thanks Patty! I appreciate your kind comment 🙂 You can find lots of inspiring books reviews and personal development products on my website, have a look around and let me know how you like them!

  3. Elektra,
    This is a very interesting concept. What do you do, though, if you don’t have a very good imagination? I will be sure to check out some of your suggested reads.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Ed, thanks for your comment! I guess imagination would help in your self-development as you can create your vision before you put in in action but you can slowly work on it 🙂 Have a look at my recommended reading- I’m sure you will find something interesting for yourself.

  4. Hi Elektra, Your site is indeed a wealth of very interesting information with good `book` advice on several topical subjects. I like the site very much. I have always loved books from early childhood and love to take some good books to read when on holiday.
    An excellent subject, everyone should read books.!

  5. Very motivational. What I have found out is that sometimes it is harder to actually implement the theory than read it, understand it, or even talk about it to others. What is your experience on that? Any tips to help us?

    1. Hi Hisbel, it is a great question! It is actually very common that we can get inspired by reading something, discovering new things but it is hard to implement it in life. The idea is to design the action which goes with this inspiration. Just thinking about things will not get them done. We can get inspired, motivated and energized but only but setting some goals and actions to follow we can truly change a dream into reality. I wrote about it in this post Also establishing daily rituals, good habits will help. Check this post
      Even smallest step towards your goal will count. Good luck!
      That’s why I was inspired to become a Life Coach to help people with it- not just to dream but put personal development into life actions.

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