February 2016- What are your top 3 best self development books of all time?

February 2016

This month I would like to ask you a question

What are your top 3 best self development books of all time?

All of us have these few books (or at least one 😉 ) which we treasure the most. It could be because they were the ones which got to us so deeply that we still remember the moment of our awakening, this Eureka moment when something got so obvious at last. A book, like a good psychotherapist, can be a trigger to finally understand ourselves, deal with our limitations and change something within us.


What are your special books?  Was it a first personal development book you read that left you feeling like you can fly? Do you remember the feelings then?

I know, I know… there are so many books… and there are so many which left a sign in your soul … but can you just choose 3 top ones to share?

I love reading and read a lot of great books in my life so far. I’m also sure I will still discover some good ones. Here I will share with you my very top ones to date.

My top 3 best personal development books will need to be:

  1. The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva
  2. Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
  3. Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain

These books opened my mind to new possibilities, showed me the way to big changes in my life. They started my interest in self development, the fire which is still alive inside. There are many other books which moved something in me or taught me things but it would probably not happened if these books didn’t lead the way.

What are you top 3 best self development books of all time?

Please share your book stories 🙂



This bookclub is my idea to connect people who love reading and have something to say about personal development issues.

If it sounds like you then I would love you to join my book club! 

I would like to propose to have monthly discussions about selected subject. We can decide them together 🙂

Few questions which may help

What did you read recently (or not that recently) that made you stop and think, and consequently changed you?

Who is your favourite self-growth author?

Motivation, empowerment, law of attraction, success, wealth, leadership, meditation, mind and body connection? Which subject would you like to talk about?

Do you have any other topic you want to discuss?

Please let me know and we can set it up as the next month subject 🙂


Please leave your comments, thanks 🙂


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14 thoughts on “February 2016- What are your top 3 best self development books of all time?

    1. Appreciate your comment Casey! Thanks for sharing! I haven’t read it personally but I’ve heard it is a most widely read devotional book next to the Bible.

  1. Choose Yourself by James Altucher
    is one my favorites that I read recently and got a kick out of it.
    He writes about his real life experience how he has risen to the top after hitting rock bottom financially and emotionally. I could totally relate to him. We all make mistakes, sometimes it can turn your life upside down. But there’s always a way to better yourself and live the life that you want to live.
    The other book has to be
    Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
    a simple and clear guideline, a concept to a sound financial literacy.
    Think outside of the square and don’t fall into the trap of peer group pressure imposed on you by your colleagues.Be a nonconformist which leads to my third book
    Originals by Adam Grant
    The author is a university lecturer, a professor who had been researching about what makes people ‘original’ and how the ‘originals’ create novel ideas that is translated into successful business.

    1. Thanks Aron for your comment! Great books! I know already “Rich dad, poor dad”(reviewed it on my website) and I really liked Kiyosaki’s ideas. I still need to read James Altucher, I heard so much good about his work! I will also put “Originals” on my next list of books to buy- sounds interesting! Many thanks for sharing your favourites!

  2. It’s always a pleasure finding someone with a passion for self-improvement and growth.
    Will definitely visit your blog again.

    I think the best book I’ve read which regards to self-development is “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.
    When I first read the book (after the enormous a-ha moment) I felt like the building blocks of wealth creation are just written in it, and I was amazed at why it’s not an obligatory book for everyone. To this day I keep reading it over and over, to emphasize new ideas, and go over old ones.

    Another great book is “Psycho-cybernetics” by Maltz which also has many methods on how to create your own happiness. Most of them I use up to this day.

    And last but not least is “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen which dosent have many methods per say, but I really like the way he writes about the mind, and emphasize many truths.

    1. Appreciate your comment Ido! I agree- “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is like a Bible for personal development. I love the books which you go back to and always discover something new. I remember Bob Proctor saying once “When you read the good book for the second time you don’t see something there that you didn’t see before, you see something in yourself that wasn’t there before”.
      “Psycho Cybernetics” is definitely on my “to read” list, I heard lots of good about it.
      I also bought recently “As a Men Thinketh” but didn’t have a chance to read it yet- will now, after your recommendation 🙂

  3. I am glad that you created this website Elektra! I am trilled to share my favorite books that have inspired me to greatness.

    On the absolute top of my list is “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill; it is the most complete philosophical book that I have read in my life so far. It is the benchmark for all the other success or inspirational books that you may have ever read yourself. It has stepped up my awareness to a very high level. I continuously read it with every chance that I get. I also listen to the audio version quite often.

    The high level of respect I have for it is extraordinary! I could talk all day about it to anyone. Truly a masterpiece in my opinion. If you have not read it before you MUST. I really could say a lot more about this book but then it would be a review within your comment section. 🙂

    My second book is actually on your list of books to review; it is the great inspirational best seller by Shakti Gawain (Creative Visualization). It is currently beside me now while I write this. It is a book that brings me to a very calm meditative state. There are great meditations techniques that Shakti goes through within the book. I especially enjoy the audio CD that comes with the book, I sometimes listen to it while driving. I will look forward to reading your review!

    My third book that have given me a different outlook on life is Paulo Cuelo’s great book; The Alchemist. This book to me may be the best inspirational fiction book that I have read… I usually focus on non-fiction but this has a lot of positive real live scenarios that any one can learn from. It is a magical novel set in the eastern part of the world with the lead character finding himself while on his journey to see the pyramids in Giza.

    I am passionate about reading and I could add more of my thoughts here about more books that I have read, but for now I will wait until you publish your next article so that I can share my views.

    Thank you for this wonderful website Elektra!

    All the best,

    1. Hi Jason, thanks for your great comment and sharing your favourites 🙂 I love “The Alchemist” too! It was the first book by Paulo Coelho I read and I got addicted to his writing since 🙂 “When you want something all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”
      Shakti Gawain’s “Creative Visualization” is a brilliant book too. I learn so much from it! I read it ages ago for the first time and re-reading it now.
      “Think and Grow Rich” would be definitely in my top books as well (it is so hard to choose the top top ones ;)). This type of the book you cannot read just once, you have to re-read it often. It’s such a great source of knowledge and life philosophy! I also like to listen to the audio book of it read by Earl Nightingale (another awesome author).
      Thanks again for your comment and I hope I hear from you again soon 🙂

  4. I would say 2 books, How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy. For anyone who hasn´t read them, DO IT!

    /Thanks for a great site, best regards John

  5. What a great idea Elektra! I love books and nearly all the books I read are related to self-development and spirituality. There are so many good ones! My top three are:

    The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I read this not long after it was first published and I thought it was great, but then when I listened to the audio-book read by Eckhart again last year it really blew me away. I have listened several times over since then and every time I get more out of it. I realized how true it is that when one is ready for a certain teaching that it hits home, whereas if one isn’t quite ready it might be interesting and inspiring, but it doesn’t touch you completely to the core of your being.

    Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I read this over 15 years ago after my first trip to India and it still inspires me to this day. That book sewed the seeds that sprouted into my practice of Kriya Yoga now. In fact, back then I was quite into Buddhism, but then this book inspired me to delve into the philosophy and lifestyle of yoga (not so much the physical yoga postures that most people are familiar with, as that is just a small part of yoga). It contains many incredible, amazing stories from his life and experience and a view of the world way beyond our limited beliefs. What I like is that many of these older books taught things that are now being recycled and written in contemporary style by modern authors. The truths are the same but they are just put in different cultural contexts.

    A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman. A powerful book that can change your whole perception of reality, and make you realize that the reality we ‘see’ is really just the way we interpret things with the stories we make up in our head and our memory. It also teaches about Universal Love through forgiveness of others, the sacredness of relationships and the peace that can be reached through living these principles. It has a main text and a workbook of daily exercises/meditations. I am still working my way through it as it is very long and there is a lot to digest, but it has made a big impression on me.

    Thanks for sharing your post. I have put Creative Visualization, Psycho Cybernetics and How to Win Friends and Influence People on my reading list. I recently listened to the audio-book of Think and Grow Rich too – great stuff!

    Best regards,

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